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    Sasha Knight, Bringing You
    Romance, Passion & Thrills

Romance, Passion & Seduction

“Can you resist the ultimate, sexiest, bad boy?”

Hello, my lovelies!

Do you want Passionate Stories Love, Happiness?

Maybe you crave a some Suspense?

Are you ready to read heart-wrenching, mind-fucking stories that have you asking... what the hell just happened and how can I get more? Then yes, you're in the right place. Check out my Free Short Stories or Free Short Flash Fiction. Browse through to find out more about my Books, including latest releases, what's Coming Soon, and Awesome Character Bio's

XO Sasha

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What's Your Comfort Read

What's Your Comfort Read?

This week I’ll be concenterating on stories that really just carry me away. My comfort reads are alwys in the romance genere.

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New Stories


Vendetta's Love

Genre: Romance
Lia was forced into a lethal life of crime, once betraying the man she loved most and she's been running from him ever since. Now she has his most precious possession. Will she betray him again?

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WIP (Work In Progress)

Paranormal Romance
Coming Soon! I am referred to as the "Silent Assassin." The magnification of the death. The Underworlds most dangerous Reaper. Yet...I seek something even I have yet to obtain...Until Now.

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About Author Sasha Knight

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I'm Sasha Knight (my pseudonym/Alter Ego) and I'm a writer, a tease, a lover, a woman, and a mother.
I live in fantastic, supernatural worlds filled with bad boys who do things oh-so-good...
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