Dark King By Sasha Knight

Story Genre: Free Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Serial,

Warning: Contains strong language and adult situations which may be unsuitable for children under 18 years of age.

Copyright © 2015 Sasha Knight

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

      Demitri Alaksandar stood in a dark corner, high above, over looking the ballroom below. Security was on high alert as the attendees piled into his palace. Demitri couldn't believe he even allowed them in. He couldn't help the disgust at the smell of wolf that passed his nose. A vampire and a wolf? The thought made his skin crawl.

      Ever since his brother, Liam, had found his mate—a human mate—he'd convinced the council that it would be best to branch out their search for their dying race. But Liam was everything he wasn't. Likable. Social. A true people person. Liam deserved to find his mate. 

      Demitri on the other hand was the viscous monster they all accused him of being. Cold, calculating, and just what they wanted as their King. Someone to fear.

      "You don't find your mate, you die. This should be enough of a reason for you to look to the humans." Liam had said.

      Demitri watched as more of the invited beings entered. Hoping to become mate to a powerful vampire. Several women—shifters—strolled in and he admitted they were sexy, maybe worth a fuck or two. But none caught his eye as mate.

      He leaned back against a pillar and scratched his chin. A woman wearing a short black dress with legs for days looked up at him. Oh yeah, definitely worth a fuck. He craved to bury his cock in some hot pussy.

      Liam appeared, blocking his line of vision. He held out a ruby-red liquid filled glass toward him. "I know you didn't want them in here but you can't sulk in this dark corner all night."

      "This corner has plenty of light." Dimitri took the glass and gulped some of the familiar liquid. "I allowed this to happen. That should be enough."

      "You should be looking for your mate." Liam let out a huff of air.

      "Yeah, right. I didn't find her in the centuries before and I'm not going to amongst these fucking—."

      "Then at least support the ones that believe they can."

      Dimitri grit his teeth. Liam knew how to get to him. His love for his people. His fangs scraped against his bottom lip, drawing blood.

      "Fine, you want me to mingle with the fucking peasants." He shoved passed Liam, leaped over the balcony ledge and landed straight onto the crowded ballroom floor.

      He took a step but jolted to a stop as he caught a scent. A smell so delicious his tongue grew heavy and his fangs extended without his control. His mouth watered and he licked his lips as his senses shot to life.

      An unusual heartbeat drummed in his ear. Like a siren, it called to him. Demitri's gaze scanned the crowd with unnatural speed until—fuck me—he saw her, dressed in the one color everyone was advised not to wear.

      Blood red. The sexist, fuck me now, of dresses and fuck did she wear it well. The long dress clung to soft curves with a slit on the side that went all the up to her waist. The slightest turn would give him a side view of what he was sure was a magnificent ass and like a heat seeking missile, he headed straight for her.

<<<<End Of Chapter One>>>>

Chapter 2 will be ready on June 15, 2016

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