A Blogging Jumpstart #MotivationalMonday #Goals

Blogging Jumpstart By Sasha Knight

Hello my lovelies,

Goodbye 2016

(How I looked leaving 2016)

Welcome 2017

I love the beginnings of the year!

I love being able to just reset.

My slate has been wiped clean and I have the chance to start fresh.

(How I walked into 2017)

Anyhoo, I’ve been on a self imposed blogging hiatus.

But I’m back…

And lookie here, I wrote myself a short 16 day list for January.

1. Goals for 2017 (Ex: Blog, Relationships, Financial, Fitness etc…)

2. Something you look forward to this year

3. 5 ways to win your heart (Friends, Partner, etc)

4. 3 book on your immediate TBR (To Be Read) pile

5. 5 celebrities you find attractive (Guys or Gals)

6. 3 of your guilty pleasures

7. Your top 6 favorite movies

8. Monthly Goals

9. 6 favorite blogs that you read regularly

10. Share pictures of your workspace

11. A movie or Tv show you love

12. Your favorite YouTube channels

13. Favorite Music Artist (Vocalist, Musician)

14. Favorite Instagram accounts to follow

15. Talk about a hobby of yours

16. One word theme for your 2017


First on my list is…Goals for 2017!



★Revamp my publishing plan (Set publishing date, hire editor, book covers, beta readers) ★
★Learn Korean (I’ve always been adicted to Kpop & Kdramas)★ ★ Get in shape (cliche I know but…yeah)★
★Take more vacations ★



★Catch up on the Kdramas I have on my TBW (To Be Watched)★
★Resident Evil:The Final Chapter★
★ xXx: Return of Xander Cage★



★Shrink my TBR (To Be Read) list★
★Read outside of my favorite genre (I love romance)★
★ Keep a detailed track of what I read★
★Take more vacations ★


For Novel Writing:

★Write, Write, Write: It’s been difficult to get back in a groove so I’m focusing on getting 1000 wrds a day.★



★Publish 1 full length★
★Publish 1 Short Story★


Novel Editing/Revising:

★ Revise and edit “Romance Drama Story” ★



★Post more entertainment post★
★ Visit & Comment on 3 blogs a day ★
★ Host a guest blogger★
★ Create quality Content and Graphics for each blog post ★


💕 As always, thanks for reading! 💕


What are some of your goals for this Month/Year?

☕ Anything you’re looking forward to this year


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