Sasha Knight’s August Recap #Goals #Writers

August Recap on Sasha Knight's Blog

An August Recap of what I’ve completed (or not).

August really wore me out with work hours, back to school for the kiddo (which also meant back to extra activities and events) I felt like I didn’t even have time to breath.


Monthly Recap by Sasha Knight

What I've Read by Sasha KnightPleasure Reading

I planned to only read 2 books in August (Yeah, that plan flew out the door real quick) 

★ I read and finished 6 books 


Read and study 1 writing book this month

★ Complete ★

What I've Written

For Novel Writing:

Write 1000 words daily (My average 1500) 

★ I got only 8k written for the month of August (not including blog or journal writing.) ★

Finish 2nd draft short story “Short PNR” (20,000 out of 30,000 complete)

★Yes! Time to go editor hunting.★

Novel Editing/Revising

Revise and edit “Paranormal Romance Story”

★Complete. Off to Beta readers ★

Plan publishing schedule (Set publishing date, hire editor, book covers, beta readers)

★ Semi-Complete ★

I’m kinda disappointed with my effort in August but that’s life sometimes.

Here’s what I posted in August:

💕 As always, thanks for reading! 💕


What did you start or complete in August?

☕ Anything you’re looking forward to reading?


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