11 Character Worthy Guys On Instagram

Character Worthy Guys on Instagram, In no particular order.

Character Worthy Instagram by Sasha KnightI love to use Instagram when I’m looking for inspiration for a hero, heroine, or a character. So, I’m creating a list of sexy (in my opinion) guys I’ve used as inspiration.

I am not affiliated with anyone mentioned here. I just love the eye candy they provide. 😉


1. ♡ Don Benjamin… ♡ Because damn, look at those eyes!

Do you have what it takes? 📸 @blaircaldwell

A photo posted by Don Benjamin (@itsdonbenjamin) on

2.♡ Terence Telle… ♡ Just…mmmm!

#Repost @massimodutti ・・・ What to wear for a casual outfit #MassimoDutti @unomodels

A photo posted by Terence Telle (@terencetelle) on

3.♡ Carlos Costa… ♡ For my ladies who love them bearded!

Limitless @roqueandsoul #yourstyleourdesign

A photo posted by Carlos Costa (@roque_80) on

4. ♡ Godfrey Gao… ♡ Just take a moment and enjoy!

🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎🚓🚑🚒🚐🚚🚛🚔🚍🚘🚖Traffic #selfie in #Beijing

A photo posted by Godfrey Gao (@godfreygao) on

6.♡ Nick Bateman… ♡ A guy that can make me smile. Yes, please!

a Lil Jedi fun on Set

A video posted by Nick Bateman (@nick__bateman) on

 7.♡ Shamoy… ♡ The lips on this guy…Just wow!

A photo posted by Shamoy ✈ (@shamoyy_) on

9.♡ Tim Richardson…♡ Because if this isn’t a fine specimen, than I don’t know what is!

10.♡ Raciel Castro… ♡ Again, do you have to ask!

don’t. or do… just don’t do it with me.

A photo posted by Raciel Castro (@racielcastro) on

11.♡ Josh Dixon… ♡ For my gymnist lovers!

Bonus! 12. What kind of list would I have without ♡ Stephen James ♡. (Your Welcome:)!)

@hismileteeth #myhismile #teethwhitening

A photo posted by STEPHEN JAMES (@whoiselijah) on

💕 As always, thanks for reading! 💕

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