Obsession, A Short Romance Flash Fiction

Obsession, A Short Romance Flash Fiction

Obsession, A Short Romance Flash Fiction!

Genre: Contemporary Romance,

Synopsis: He was in her blood. A drug with a direct line to her veins yet she wouldn’t let him go. He’s her Obsession.

☆ Note: Story will contain adult content. You’ve been warned! ☆

And now for the main course.


He was in her blood. A drug with a direct line to her veins yet she wouldn’t let him go.

He laughed. A husky sound still laced with desire, with sex. “We can’t keep meeting like this.”

By this, he meant in the back seat of his car. Before it was his office and before that, it was a closet.

She only stared and watched as he buttoned up his shirt. He flicked his wrist and adjusted his cufflinks. He leaned forward and helped her back into her dress. She ran her fingers through her curls, not caring if they looked wild.

He kissed her, soft, gently and she rubbed against him. Her hand reaching for his cock. He gently slapped her hip. “Behave, I have a speech to give.”

He was his hosting annual charity ball. Where he raised money to stop hunger, not just in the city but for other countries because, as he once said, “I know how it feels to be hungry.”

He gave himself a look over then nodded to her while holding out his hand. “Come on.”

They stepped out of the car, the cool night air forcing a shiver out of her as they walked into the building. They were greeted by several members of the staff and by security before they made it into the large ballroom.

His hand released hers and she let him go, swallowed by the welcoming crowd. He stood tall, his expensive suit tailored perfectly to his strong build as he spoke so confidently. His gaze scanned the crowd and locked on her. The smile he gave held promises she knew he’d keep.

He was her obsession, one she’d never let go. In sickness and in health he was stuck with her. She caught his wink and knowing look, maybe he knew what she’d been thinking. But she didn’t have time to question it because he turned away then and with microphone in hand, he stepped onto the stage.

Maybe later she’d question that look. Preferably in his car again but it didn’t matter she gladly take her obsession anywhere.

❤ End ❤

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