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Syn Interview, Character Override by Sasha Knight

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Today, I’m going to interview Syn, the hero of my WIP.

Quick Stats

Hair: Brown, Thick short,

Eyes: Gray

Height: 6’5”

Build: Tone muscles, Warrior’s physique,

Occupation: VP and Owner of Several casinos and clubs around the World.

Note: Contains adult content and sexual situations. You’ve been warned!

Shit! I was late. I was never late. Maybe it was a bad omen or something. Syn wouldn’t be happy.

Michelle, Syn’s head of security approached me. The look on her face only confirmed my fear. Syn was pissed. As she got closer, I stood straighter and prepared myself for what she might say.

She stared a me for a second, sharp dark eyes sized me up.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m late—”

“Come this way, Ms. Knight.” She stopped the excuses I was about to rattle out.

Wait, What? “He still wants to see me?”

She began to walk and I fell in step behind her. She glanced slightly over her shoulder. “Lucky for you.”

We paused at a door. Michelle swiped her badge and held the door open for me. It opened into a hallway that seem to lead to elevator doors. I waited for her to pass then followed behind her, again. The click of her high heels echoed in the bright hallway.

When we reached the elevator she punched a code into the keypad next to it. “He’s waiting,” she says as she gave me a smile. “Good luck.”

I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding as the metal doors closed. The ride up wasn’t long but eerily quiet. The doors opened into a small seating area. I walked to the only door in the room and knocked twice. When I didn’t get an answer I raised my hand to knock again but paused when I heard a deep voice.

“Come in.”

I barely had the door open when the same deep voice said, “You’re late.”

Oh fuck…I gulped down the words that were on the tip of my tongue because there Syn stood… in only white briefs covering all his glory. His hair still wet. He stood there unashamed.


He clapped his hands loudly causing my gaze to shoot to his amused gray eyes. With a smirk on his face, he pulled on a pair of loose, white slacks and a black sweater.

My cheeks grew hot as I tried to look anywhere but at him.”You did this on purpose?”

“I don’t like to be kept waiting, Ms Knight.” He sat down behind his desk. “So why don’t we get this show on the road.”

“Sure. You can call me Sasha, please.”

“Begin, Sasha.” He leaned back in his chair and intertwined his fingers behind his head.

Right. I sat down and tried not to squirm in my seat. I pulled out my notes and phone and placed them on the desk. I’m hoping this interview will answer my pressing question. What is he? I pressed record and begin.

Sasha: “Can we start off with you stating your full name?”

Syn: His jaw clenched before he answered. “My name is Kolsyn but every knows me by Syn. I’d like to keep surnames out of this.”

Sasha: Okayyy. “There’s been a lot of talk of what…species you are. Could you state for the record?”

Syn: “No.”

Sasha: I sit back against the plush leather seat. “Just like that, you’re not gonna say anymore.”

Syn: “The safety of many depends on my anonymity.”

Sasha: “How long have you been alive?”

Syn: “Centuries.”

Sasha: I inhale slowly. It looks like I’m only going to get short answers from him. So I try a different tactic. “People say you’re one of the most dangerous supernaturals. Is this true?”

Syn: His expression stays neutral. “It depends on who you ask, but yes, I’d say in the right circumstance I could be extremly dangerous.”

Sasha: “If I ask a vampire?”

Syn: A fire lights his gaze and his leans forward, a glimmer of white teeth shows as he snarls. “To those fucking leaches I’m very dangerous.”

Sasha: “So you and Vampires don’t get along.”

Syn: “That would be putting mildly. Leaches don’t cross my path and they pray I don’t cross theirs.”

Sasha: The tension in the air is thick, so I decide to change the subject. “Do you’re species require mates or can you be with anyone?”

Syn: With a raised eyebrow he answers, “Are you offering?”

Sasha: I let out a choking cough. “I—”

Syn: His deep laugh interrupts me. He licks his lips before saying, “Yes, we require mates but my sex life isn’t lacking.”

Sasha: He requires a mate. I scribble that in my notes. Maybe he’s a shifter? “How do you know when you find your mate?”

Syn: “It’s just in us. I’ll know.”

Sasha: “What if you’re mate is a vampire?”

Syn: He stood up and was beside me before I could blink. “Than I’d be a widow.”

Sasha: “But that’s—”

Syn: “The end of your 30 minutes.” He cocks head to the side and smiles, a wicked curve on his lips that tingles down my spine. “You’ll just have to wait and read the book.”

Sasha: He disappears from my sight and I run my hand through my hair. Definitely not a shifter.

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